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download: 10.0 kbs average|upload: 50.0 kbs average..How can i speedup


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I have both caps on unlimited. It is not on limited settings. The port is forwarded, but the speedguide says that its closed. It is forwarded corectly.

Please help me. No comments like "Did you forward the port correctly?" Read above...

"If you want 200kbs download, but the upload is lower than the download..bla bla bla."

Basic (for the idiots {sry for language but pissed})

Look, my rates are

Upload: Unlimited

Download: Unlimited


Upload: 50.0

Download: 10.0.

HELP this is crap for me who has a 4-5 gig download.

I even have an average estamated time left: 5 Days - 6 weeks ans 6 days.

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