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UPnP not working in 1.3.1 beta?


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The latest 1.3.1 builds all seem to have a problem with UPnP. It has allways worked fine in 1.3, but since I use the betas it doesn't seem to work anymore. I just reverted back to 1.3 and everything is fine again. I also tested this on a different computer on a different network with a different router and it had the same problem.



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Well it's called Beta for a reason...also, UPnP is buggy and generally not the recommended way to operate in µTorrent...

I know it's a beta. That's why I test the software and post my results here ;)

Since you say UPnP is not the recommended way to operate, why is the feature advertised on Utorrents frontpage?

Nothing was changed for UPnP, so I don't know. Just forward the port manually, it works better that way...

That might be the case, but there is obviously something wrong here. Since I tested in two completely different environments it would be very weird if this was a coincidence and reverting back to 1.3 fixed the issue, so something must have changed. I know I can forward the ports manually, and I will do just that, but that doesn't mean that this issue shouldn't be fixed ;)

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