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Possible to put a throughput threshhold per peer?


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Did a search already and didn't see anything (maybe I just missed it, please don't flame if this question has been posed already :D):

Here is the scenario that I am attempting to get around. I'm downloading a file from a torrent that has many thousands of peers in the swarm. I am seeing some peers getting 300k/sec or 300k/sec peer download rates. I'll have maybe 10 or so peers that I am downloading from, but at a piddling rate of 3-5k/sec each. So, the question is: Is there some way to set, per torrent, a minimum download rate per peer so that you can essentially say "Don't download from anyone unless you're able to get 12k/sec from them." Something like that.

Obviously this feature ONLY makes sense when you have TONS of peers - otherwise you might end up blocking all the peers on the torrent, or the only seeder, etc.

I would have put this in feature requests but first I wanted to see if this functionality already exists... :)

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Speed Guide (CTRL+G) settings ALL give less than 12 KiloBYTES/second average upload speed per peer (upload slot). Some give barely 2 KiloBYTES/second average upload speed per peer!

Only the few very fast upload connections that have typically only 1 torrent running AND connected to few peers are likely to upload to you faster than 12 KiloBYTES/second.

I have ~1 megabit/second upload speed, which limits me to 125 KiloBYTES/second upload speed in uTorrent. For me to upload faster than 12 KiloBYTES/second per peer requires me to be uploading to no more than 10 peers at once. If I'm running 3 torrents, that means no more than 3 upload slots each.

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