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how do i upolad MORE?


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Is uTorrent firewalled (red or yellow light at bottom)?

1st link in my signature for that...

You should be able to upload faster with an upload speed max in uTorrent at or below your connection's sustainable max upload speed.

2nd link in my signature for that.

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i followed your second link as i am not hindered by my firewall. i have got 100.0 Mbps so am still unsure why i'm uploading at around 5 kbps. can it be something to do with the torrent? i mean if it's not in high demand? i am not downloading anything but have got two films seeding.

the films are:

#1 seeds 0(31) peers 20(48) and the other is

#2 seeds 0(5) peers 9(14).


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I sincerely doubt Telewest/Blueyonder Cable in the UK gives 100 megabits/second connections.

Perhaps you mean your LAN ethernet is running at 100 megabits/second?

Your internet connection's download speed is likely 1/10th of that or less.

Your internet connection's upload speed is likely 1/100th of that or less.

I hope you haven't been trying to use the default settings or xx/100mbit setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) in uTorrent, since it's quite obvious your connection can't handle it.

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