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Question about file priority between multiple torrents


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First, a tip for Ultima's ut manual:

Detailed Info Pane>Files>Priority>Low: "...Note that this does not guarantee that the file will complete after other files of lower priorities." Ultima, I suppose it should be "...other files of higher priorities."

Users should thank you for your manual. Thanks.

Now, suppose the following scenario. I'm dl'ing 2 multiple-files torrents. I set different bandwidth allocation settings for each torrent (which I understand it relates directly to ul in some way, not to dl - not directly though). In each torrent, I set different priorities for several files (yes, I know this does NOT mean high priority files WILL download first for sure, thank you) :) Suppose also that all other ut settings are adequate for my ISP bandwith.

So, the high-priority files are being "searched" more often than the normal-priority files of the torrent.

In this scenario, with all other parameters being equal, does the file priority "cares" about files in the other torrent? How priorities in torrent1 affect priorities in torrent2?

If I was not clear enough in my question, let's say:

-torrent1, 1 file high priority, all other normal

-torrent2, 1 file high priority, all other normal

Does the normal-priority-files in torrent1 affects in some way the high-priority-file in torrent2?

Does the high-priority-file in torrent1 affects in some way the norrmal-priority-files in torrent2?

And what about if the priorities were low and normal, instead of high and normal?

So this is 1 scenario. The same questions I have, if, instead of changing bandwidth allocation and priorities, I would change priorities and per-torrent upload speed limits; say torrent1 with 6 kB and torrent2 with 8 kB/s, just to give some example. Again, I assume all ut settings are adequate for my ISP bandwith.

I'm using ut 1.8 latest version.

Thank you in advance.

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Ultima, thanks. I suppose I should have started with scenario 0, where I simply set everything equal in each torrent, and just change 1 file priority in each torrent. Sorry about the confusing and long post.

BTW, Am I right about the change from "lower" to "higher" in the manual, or I understood something wrong?

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A long while ago, or so I hear, ludde described the algorithm, along the lines of 1:5:9 as the ratios of LOW, NORMAL, and HIGH.

The problem stems from... piece availability. Even if you have a file which YOU WANT, but it's in the majority of peers' data you will not necessarily get a HAVE request or receive the piece.

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@Ultima, for me, good to know I'm paying attention and understanding things the right way. For all users, good to know there's someone like you (and others) explaining things the right way, and trying to improve.

@thelittlefire, as I said, I understand setting 1 file's priority to HIGH does not mean I am getting it sooner for sure. My doubt was about the influence between file priorities of different torrents downloading at the same time (let's say, with all settings equal between the 2 torrents and all global settings adequate for 2 torrents and for my ISP's connection)

Of course I didn't mention every setting on each torrent nor global ones (e.g. number of slots), and I didn't mean to make it so confusing.

Your post about 1|5|9 ratios brings me to another question. If I notice that just 1 piece of 1 file of 1 torrent is not dl'ing for "a long period of time", and other files in that same torrent are dl'ing as expected, I would think this is happening because that particular piece is harder to get (for me) than others in that particular period of time. But if this period is long enough, I would suppose I'm "wasting" requests for this piece. Usually users tend to set this kind of pieces(files, actually) to high priority. But maybe I would be better *lowering* its priority, so I would be sending requests for more achievable pieces even more. Am I right or there is no effect?

Thanks in advance.

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