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advanced option: tcp keepalive requested


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Hi there,

my request is the following: could you add an advanced option for manually setting a tcp keepalive timeout? The reason is that my ISP (university) cuts all connections for which no data is sent for more than 1 (one) minute. So I can have 300 peers but may be connected to only half a dozen or so at a time.

Thanks for considering!

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You are right, but it was not my point. ;)

Hm, I have to make myself more clear...

What I want is either an option to enable tcp keep-alives, or an option to set the application level keep-alive timeout. Both would work for me.

[rationale: tcp keep-alives cannot be configured with app specific timeout values, but it is possible to adjust the system wide setting, so just enabling tcp keep-alives would work. setting tcp keep-alives for sockets is trivial that is why I requested it first hand. application level keep-alive timeouts are also not hard to implement but requires to set up timers manually. ;)]

Thanks again! Still hoping for one or the other option to be implemented so I can connect to all the other peers, too! :))


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Sending keep-alives within certain time frames does NOT mean a change to the spec. The spec does not restrict, nor does it oblige any specific algorithms for when to send keep-alive messages. Regarding tcp keep-alives, that does not even touch the bittorrent protocol.


Hi again,

after an analysis of the utorrent peer wire protocol traffic I figured that utorrent uses a 2 minute app level keep-alive timeout. This means that the functionality is already there, and providing users a possibility to change this timeout value is merely a matter of providing an option for this in the user interface.

I don't know who decides which feature requests get forwarded to the developers, or if developers read the forums themselves, but it would be really great if this could be implemented. Of course, if it is dismissed because I'm the only one requesting it I'll accept. :)

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