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File status bug in version 1.8 (build 11200)


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The point is that in the earlier version 1.7.7 when the ration reached the level set for the specific torrent or the default setting in preference the status would automatically change to Finished. Not so in the current version of 1.8 - or may be not so current !!!

"What does the torrent properties show for the torrent job?"

I change the setting in the specific job to -1 for some torrents which I had downloaded with much difficulty and there were hardly any seeders available or were on line for very short periods in the 24 hour cycle. This is to possibly make life easier & help out others like me looking to download the specific torrent.

Otherwise I do not use the override feature available in "Seed while" under Properties for individual jobs. Here the value visible is greyed out and 150%.

I am referring to such torrents where the default ratio is 150 %.

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