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Reliable way to change settings?


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Dear Readers,

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong Forum... But I was just curious if this Video is reliable at all...


Quite some views on it and the values used seem really high... NOt only that a LOT of the Advanced options have been modified...

Just thought I'd share that and see what others have to say about it... =X

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I checked out a couple of the videos...seems many of them are reading from the same bad material. 1800 connections PER TORRENT, 2300 connections global?!

About the lowest suggested half open value was 50...one was 500.

Upload speeds across the board, though 65 KiloBYTES/second was common...as though everyone could upload that fast (or slow).

Tempting to add to do not connect to service port: 50 and 45682

Such stupidity should not be rewarded. :P

I don't even know what a couple advanced settings are...and I feel no need to mess with them.

A couple others that I do mess with, I tend to go the opposite direction of everyone else.

Sometimes, I even run with half open set to 0. This means ZERO, not 'unlimited'. I still get incoming connections...these don't count against my half open limit.

Once you're already connected to probably everyone that's not firewalled, why continue retrying the same dead and firewalled connections over and over again at whatever your current half open rate is? If they want to connect, they can connect to you. You can't speed that up with a high half open limit.

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