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Yellow Triangle won't go away!


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Hi, I have read through all of the configuration, startup guides and I can't seem to find the problem. Right now I am connected to the internet thru a switch and modem. I have my upload set at 512kb/s thats the max for my connection.

I am using port 6881 but have also tried 10009, 1720, and even 443. I don't think my firewall, I have the port forwarded through it, and I have even tried disabling it altogether. I am using McAffee firewall, I have heard it will cause problems, but I thought that it only caused utorrent to use alot more memory?

The little yellow triangle on the bottom that says that I am not connectable doesn't seem to go away and my downloads won't download any faster than 80kb/s. Am I missing a setting or something? Will becoming connectable increase the download speeds?

Thanks alot for your help!!

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