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still can't get an open port. help?!


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windows XP. firewall= Bullguard. ISP= TalkTalk. Modem= Huawei SmartAX MT882v2

Average d/l 770 Kb/s, u/l 192 Kb/s. Broadband

I am averaging 10 KB/s download. i have read and applied Ultima's guide and followed all the advice on the forums (speed guide settings, etc). The ISP doesn't appear to choking me and the firewalls are set to allow.

I noticed the yellow triangle and decided to use portforward.com to map a port. This i've done including setting up a static ip address but the yellow triangle is still there and the port is still closed? anyone any idea why?

sorry if i've missed any vital info, i'm a little new to torrents.

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Similar issue. Didn't know if I should start a new thread or continue in here since our problems might be related.

Windows - Vista 64bit

Firewall - Windows Defender (Uttorent listed to allow)

ISP - Charter

Router - Linksys WRT54Gv8

Modem - Surfboard

D/L,U/L - 4000KB/sec, 500KB/sec.

Utorrent V 1.8

I get about 5 - 20 KB/secs on average, with it being closer to 5 alot despite downloading torrents with high amounts of seeders. Regular internet downloads can achieve on average about 300 - 400 KB/secs.

- I have attempted to forward my ports, but the built in utorrent test says its closed.

- Gone through portforwarding guide and set the appopriate settings in my router setup screen.

- Router's firmware is fully up to date.

- I created a static IP, and still no change.

No matter what I do, I have the orange light for Utorrent status at the bottom of the window. It indicates a "listen error", and that I need to "change my listen port. "

Here are some questions that might help me.

1 - When you click the status light at the bottom and the speed guide window comes up, is the port listed at the bottom the same port listed in the configuration window in preferences > connections? Sometimes its been a different number but I've changed it to match. No change either way.

2 - Static IP is different from my own IP? The IP address in my network settings is different from the IP that utorrent uses for the port.

3 - Any particular port number that is better than a random or default one? I heard some IPs might block or limit bandwidth since this type of downloading represents the largest type of net traffic.

4 - It recommends to disable DHT, but I have several options concerning DHT in preferences > bittorrent. Should I disable them all?

I think that's it. Thanks in advance.

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uTorrent's port tester checks your internet ip, not your computer's LAN ip address.

If you've port forwarded correctly AND uTorrent isn't blocked by software/hardware firewalls...then the test should pass just fine.

Make sure you set uTorrent's settings based on your UPLOAD max in kilobits/second.

Try the 2nd link in my signature if you want slightly more conservative settings than uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) gives.

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thanks switeck. like i said as far as i can tell i have port-forwarded correctly, I've gone back and double checked all the settings. the static ip address i created is still set up in my internet protocol properties and my modem/router is redirected to a port i chose.

Do you think i should try a diffferent port number? any particular range?

the bullguard firewall says allow and doesn't seem to interfere, switching it off doesn't make a difference (windows defender is set to allow too).

based on my tested speeds (see original post) i've set the speed to 192Kb/s. I've tried experimenting with speeds either side. doesn't make any difference.

what I really want to know is why my port still isn't open. should i give up, will it make any difference, should i carry on trying? should i try to forward another port?

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There can be multiple firewalls or routers blocking uTorrent. You may have just cleared the first hurdle.

Is your modem also a router/firewall?

Can you test without anything other than windows firewall (and your router) running?

That should still be plenty safe enough from incoming attacks.

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1) i only have one computer, it's connected directly to a modem that my broadband ISP provided. Model = Huawei SmartAX MT882. This is plugged into my phone socket.

Not sure if that means it's a router/firewall as well? How can I find out?

2) I've tried turning off my Bullguard firewall/antivirus just leaving Windows Defender on but it makes no difference. I even tried it with Windows defender turned off too. still got a yellow triangle.

3) can you confirm which settings i should be using on the following now i have attempted to forward a port (the suggestions on the forums can be contradictory)

Enable UPnP mapping - i have it unchecked

Enable NAT-PMP mapping - i have it checked, if i don't i get a red triangle

Enable DHT - currently checked

Thanks Switeck.

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thanks switeck but i'm not sure why you're directing me to the Portforward list of routers/modems. as i said on my original post I've already been there, done that. I've used all the relevant Portforward guides to configure this modem and my software firewall. Although the huawei MT882v2 has a guide for forwarding the port (which I've done) it is not listed for in the hardware firewall list. But I still don't have an open port. Looking around the forums there are many others with the same problem. Is there anyone out there who can help?

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have uninstalled it, tested it and re-installed newer version of bullguard but i still got yellow triangle and no port open.

I noticed from your reply to another member (Scotland) that you suspect Carphone Wharehouse's ISP ( Talktalk) of restricting Utorrent. That's who I'm with. Do you think that's why i might not be able to open this port?

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