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Why Isn't There An Hebrew Translation And Why Don't You Warn People?


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when i downloaded the lated utorrent 1.8 RC6 version ten minutes ago and later downloaded the latest updated translation as it said there"(updated 2008-07-20)

" i was not expecting the softwere to turn completley english to me and with no hebrew option in the languges box.

so could you please give us a head start the next time you do something like

removing languges from the lng file and write down all the languges that you

have temporerly removed and also can you tell me where i can now get the

older languges file now i know he's probobly not perfect but it's better then

nothing at all and thanks in advance for all your help.:)

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That is frustrating isn't it? Hopefully they will fix soon. Even though the product is release candidate now, I just think of it as BETA software but about to be released as official. I thought release candidate is not supposed to have any new features, but they keep adding stuff... :)

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but the problem is i don't see it bro i mean the only reason the hebrew translation suddenley vanished because the developers added more and more things which ultimatley led the hebrew translation below the 80% percent line or something like this.

and further more i did started translating the previous translation and ho and behold

a new version of the translation pack was relesed now i don't know if it had anythig

to do with the english file there but i can't take the chance that i do translate every thing and all of a sudden a new option would be added and leave my translation only

90% percent translated.

i prefer to wait till the final version would be released translate it and let other versions that would come out later to take care of them self but i don't think

that after they would release the final version a newer version would be

released in the near future after that(or at least i hope not ha ha ha.:))

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