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Specifying Trackers ?


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One of my favorite torrent search sites (torrentz.com) gives a list of trackers that can be used to help create faster downloads. I can't really explain but here's an example ...


you'll notice about half way down the page it says ...

"This lists all the active trackers for this torrent, not just the ones embedded in the .torrent file. You can get a µTorrent compatible list here. This will speed up your download."

And it includes a clickable link that takes you here ....


How can I use this information or where do I enter this list to tell uTorrent to use this list of trackers when I am downloading my file?

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Double-click on your torrent from the main screen and Properties screen will pop-up. You will see the Trackers box. Copy and paste your tracker list into there. Since each tracker has a gap between each other, each tracker will be updated separately.

It is questionable whether adding all these additional trackers will speed up your downloads. It may give you access to more seeds, but that doesn't mean they will connect to you nor send you file pieces. You, in fact, could slow down your transfers because µTorrent is now spending more bandwidth communicating with trackers. Its not a lot of bandwidth, but it is bandwidth not going toward transferring your file pieces.

If the torrent you are interested in has very few seeds, its worth adding trackers. But if you have a lot of seeds announced, I think it'll just be wasting bandwidth.

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Thanks for the replies! I do have DHT enabled so I will follow your advice DreadWingKnight.

I usually get very good downloads with lots of peers and I am generally pleased with my download speeds. This just became an item of curiosity for me the other night because I was trying to download a file that showed about 200+ seeds and about 700+ peers but would not connect with any of them (this has never happened to me before) and I did notice under the "General" tab that there was only one tracker for this torrent, thought adding some other trackers might have helped.

Thanks again!

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