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imma dummie


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cuz it just wont let me download it! duuuuh

could u be a bit helpful and just tell me HOW to download the remaining 30% of the file from another tracker or u r here only to ask those rethorical questions like the one above and say that everything anyone else posts is annoying? i only posted more threads cuz no one would holla back at meh

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First up:

1> You don't download directly from the tracker, you download from the peers using the tracker.

2> If the torrent's availability is greater than 1, it doesn't matter if the tracker goes down or not.

3> If the torrent does not have "DHT Status: Not Allowed" then trying to download from a different tracker will NOT help AT ALL.

4> There is no guarantee that the new torrent you try to download is the same file, so you may not get ANY of the already-downloaded progress on the new torrent.

Your posting 3 threads on the same topic gets administration pissed off at you to the point where our hesitation to ban you goes out the window.

Do it again, and the ban is PERMANENT.

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