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Some gui.piecebar_progress ideas


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I like the idea to be able to display the downloaded pieces in the main Listview,

but it would be great if those two things could be added:

- The percentage of the download progress (as it does if gui.graphic_progress is true and gui.piecebar_progress is false)

- Coloring the "to be skipped" pieces in another color

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Mind you, I did search before I opened this thread.

But I was expecting the term "gui.piecebar_progress" to be in it.

Even the search for "*piecebar*" yields only 3 results including this thread.

The other 2 threads don't cover this request.

Could you link me to the thread?

I can't seem to find it.

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Sorry, I wasn't quite looking at the Advanced option lol. If you look through this forum with maybe a 40 or 50 topic / page number (You can change the number from default in your Profile page at the top of the forum. Go to Display from there and change from the default. Sometimes the topic titles aren't helpful... or you can additionally search in JUST the Feature Request forum for things like "color" "colour" or "percentage". The piecebar_progress option can possibly get changed before release, but it would require most of the important features/todo list to be implemented and bug-free.

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