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uTorrent problems (tracker offline, checking)


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first off, I am using uTorrent for a while now and I am pretty happy with the program but lately I am having some really annoying problems.

1.) What happens is that I download a torrent, start downloading it and after a while (5, 10, 30 mins) the torrent will become red and under info it will say that tracker is offline. Speed will go down and eventually the download will stop since uTorrent can't find other peers.

Now this is clearly not tracker problem because if I exit from uTorrent and restart the program the icon will be blue again and I am able to connect to peers again (until it goes red again). Clicking "Update tracker" or stopping torrent and re-download will NOT help - the only way to get it to work is to restart uTorrent.

2.) Checking. Sometimes when I start uTorrent all my torrents go into "checking" mode and sometimes it takes like 30 minutes to check every single torrent. Why? I haven't had this problem in previous versions.

I don't have any advanced settings, also I have a laptop and I use it in two different locations, with two different ISP. And I have "tracker offline" problem with both ISP. Also I tried removing Firewall, Anti-Virus program and even routers. I tried changing port number for uTorrent and nothing appears to work. The uTorrent connection icon is always green and I am using Win XP SP2.

Another minor problem is that when using uTorrent for a few hours and the closing it down my internet speed will be very slow. I need to disable internet connection and re-enable it and everything works fast again. It's like the connection gets "stuffed" from using torrents.


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