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Stuck at 99.8%


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My first torrent so forgive me if this is a simple request.

I have uploaded a torrent and been seeding for over 24 hours to a number of different leechers.

They are all stuck on 99.8% downloaded and so cannot complete and then become seeders.

The torrent is 280mb in size and so far I have uploaded 1.33gb of the same file, woth a ratio of 4.83.

The ETA is blank

The files tab is showing complete files, the general tab is showing availability of 1.998.

Any ideas anyone I have tried force starting etc

Thanks scoots

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Ok thanks for that.

I have force rechecked and it found the offending part.

It is a music file with 55 parts and one of the parts is only 91.8% complete hence giving the fail.

Does this mean the whole torrent is spoilt or can i delete this part and the peers will still be able to use it........or can I somehow mend it and put it back in the torrent so it is complete.

Sorry for the questions but I have spent ages trying to find this particular problem with no luck and this is my first torrent

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If you are the original torrent uploader, and no one is complete, the torrent is "spoilt". If you can find an original you can try replacing the bad file, otherwise you'll need to make a new torrent.

Since you said it was a music file, a program on your computer may have changed it without telling you. From what I gather Windows Media Player is one possible culprit. If you played the file, it might have updated the artist and stuff automatically. Try searching this forum and making sure any media player that can update file data has this feature disabled or set to manual/request.

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