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problem with using uTorrent on a USB


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I'm using uTorrent on a USB drive and it seems to only work if the drive letter corresponds to the drive letter it was on when I installed the program. I already went through all the preferences and settings to change it to the new drive letter, but it's still attempting to refer to the original drive letter (and therefore I get "not found" errors when trying to dl torrents).

Part of the problem might be that I don't have a settings.dat file in the same directory as uTorrent.exe, but this file wasn't generated during the installation so it doesn't exist period.

Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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1. right-click on My Computer

2. select Manage

3. under Storage select Disk Management

4. right-click on the drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths...

5. select the same drive latter the drive had last time.

6. restart uTorrent

Does this help?

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For some reason, I started working again all on its own. If it acts up again, I'll try these suggestions.

As for 1.8, I've read that the many of the improvements (like being self-referential) will make it a lot easier to run on a USB. I plan to get it when it's finally stable, but in the meantime, I'm making the best of 1.7x.

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