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199 peers, 0 connected??


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I've checked the forums, and haven't found this problem listed.

My share ratio on a private tracker has gone to the dogs. I leave the finished torrents running for days, or even weeks, after downloading, but peers aren't staying connected. Examples of (Completed) peer column: 0(225), 1(99), 1(55), 1(130), etc. Why aren't peers uploading/connecting? I need to salvage my ratio, as I've been limited until my share reaches an acceptable level. I currently have 47 completed files, with only 15 active, and those are barely active (the 1's above). Please help!

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Is uTorrent firewalled (no green light at bottom)?

Have you tried both the 1st and 2nd links in my signature?

(1st for general troubleshooting, 2nd because bad settings can cause reduced connectivity)

Do note that on private trackers/torrents with long delays between tracker updates, that NEW peers can in theory download the whole torrent and become seeds themselves before their next tracker update. You have a very narrow window to catch them while still a peer and you have to be unfirewalled AND they have to try to connect to you typically for that to happen. :(

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I thought peer connection was automatic. I do have a green light, utorrent is excepted from the firewall. I'll check the other settings as soon as the three (slow) downloads I still have running finish. If I restart now, I'll lose all the connections, because I'm limited to seeding only, as mentioned above. Thanks for the feedback, Switeck.

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Peer connection *IS* automatic, but it is the manner that it's automated that causes the problems!

For private trackers/torrents, there is only 2 ways to get new peer/seed ip addresses to connect to:

1.From the tracker, typically once an hour.

2.From the peer/seed itself, when it connects to you.

The problem with #2 is ONLY that peer/seed is added to your ip list to retry.

You are totally in the dark about any other peers/seeds on the torrent.

...And no peer/seed that uTorrent doesn't know about will connect with you if you're firewalled.

If a peer is firewalled, then you have to WAIT for them to connect to you even if you got their ip address from the tracker. And they may never even try your ip or disconnect for some reason (hostile ISPs) and not reconnect before becoming a seed.

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Normally you wouldn't need to connect to more than 15 peers at a time to max out your upload. Have you run a speedtest? Have you used the Speed Guide?

Does the Speed Guide suggest more than 15 active torrents? Is your maximum set at 15?

Sometimes uploading goes quicker if you turn off your download. What are your current upload/download rates versus what the speedtest shows?

There's lot of posts here regarding private trackers and poor share ratios. Have you searched for "private and ratio"?

Here's a link from yesterday:


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