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TIP for full speed on FAST connections


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So I disabled windows caching of disk writes & disk reads. What about the other settings? Disable? And where can I enable utorrent's caching?

Edit: Offtopic.

uhmm, why does my download speed keep falling and rising? Like first it's 80 rising to 250 then it falls down to 80 or something. And it keeps doing that, how come =S?

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uTorrent's cache settings are generally best left at their default (starting) values. A larger automatic cache size MIGHT help...if you're regularly downloading/uploading over 500 KiloBYTES/second.

Writing out finished pieces immediately shouldn't hurt much unless your hard drive/s are VERY slow.

There's really no need to turn off read caching or remove old blocks...or reduce memory usage when cache is not needed.

The default cache only uses 32 MB max RAM anyway.

uTorrent may be overloading your connection's upload speed max.

The torrent/s you have running may have some very laggy/slow peers and seeds that are only sending stuff to you in bursts.

Your ISP may hate you.

...and marginal networking hardware and software (on your end or the peers/seeds sending to you) could be causing this.

So...what's the speed of your connection both down and up?

AND...what settings are you using in uTorrent, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

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The disk cache tweaks won't help you at all. All you can do is forward your ports and choose xx/512k. Beyond that, the quality of the swarm will determine your speeds.

And 2mbyte/s is not fast at all. Hell, default disk cache works for me at 11mbyte/s.

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"And 2mbyte/s is not fast at all."

Firon, don't you mean 2 megabits/second? :P

So there's really no reason to make uTorrent's cache larger than 32 MB ram (the default).

...unless you're seeding a single torrent which is less than 500 MB in size and you've got ram to burn...then you could set uTorrent's cache size 1 MB larger than the torrent size and eventually the whole torrent would be seeding from ram. :)

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