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probleme with connection and µtorrent.


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my internet provider is trying to make me believe that µtorrent slows the incomming connection between certain hours! that all bitorrent does this.

i am with sympatico ans i would like to know if there is alot of people being slowed to 28ko/s in the evening. for myself it is always starting at 6:03 pm and comes back around 1:05am.

Thanks all

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That's bullshit.

They're trying to tell you that the cart pushes the horse!

THEY throttle your line because they can. uTorrent/BitTorrent is their excuse.

However you can use conservative settings to give them less reason to...

What settings are you using right now?

And have you tried the 2nd link in my signature?

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sincerly i'm having a hard time to understand the 2nd link (i'm mainly french) but i can tell you that all my setting i was well helped by longtime users and that the only probleme i had was the ports in my modem/router (its now open). then after i started to have way up to 500Ko/s in daytime. i usually use port 57476.

the only change i made hopping it would change the evening probleme is put the protocole encryption to Forced.

thanks very much for your help

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Use uTorrent's built-in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) instead.

Make sure you've chosen your UPLOAD MAX instead of download max.

So if you can download 500 KiloBYTES/second...then chances are you can't upload faster than 100 KiloBYTES/second. That would mean xx/1mbit is the fastest Speed Guide setting to test.

And if you can't upload that fast, try a lower Speed Guide setting.

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im having 7mb/s so i put it a xx/2mbits but it still didn't change nothing when changing it to xx/1Mbit. for the upload, i can upload up to 150 kb/s without any probleme. my probleme is with the evening time...

i'm now 99.9% sure that its sympatico that lowers my conection and as you said its bullshit what they tried to make me believe!!

thanks for trying to help me but my settings are well done and its downloading and uploading very fast.

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Use uTorrent's Scheduler to reduce uTorrent's upload+download speeds during evening hours...at least so you can web surf at the same time.

xx/2mbit is telling uTorrent to upload faster than possible for your connection.

Speed Guide settings are based on your MAX UPLOAD...download max does not matter!

And although your download max maybe around 7 megabits/second...your upload sounds like it's about 1.5 megabits/second.

This is the settings from my speed guide for 1.5 megabits/second upload speed:

Upload Speed Limit: 140 KiloBYTES/second (make SURE uTorrent actually sustains that speed)

Upload slots PER torrent: 7

Global Connections max: 250

Per-torrent Connection max: 80

Max active Torrents: 8

Max downloading Torrents: 6

Please try them.

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