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how to setup ip filtering


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is there any possible for µT to block outgoing connections according to ipfilter.dat?

i have ipfilter.dat for µT exported from PG2, P2P list about 5Mb size, PG2 eats up 70Mb VM_Size after few hours, that's too much for my crappy machine, µT only adds about 10Mb VM_Size on ipfilter enabled.

also, i notice some blocking log in PG2 that µT tried to connect to those block ips in ipfilter.dat, if µT block outgoing connections in ipfilter.dat that will make me FEEL little safer. i'll dump PG2 or considering it a list updater.

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check this img. if µT block outgoing why there's blocked message from my ip:port(blured) to outside? outgoing UDP for DHT?

µT shows incoming blocks on Logger page.

it is redundant, i prefer µT ipfilter.dat only, if µT blocks outgoing. don't like any extra proggy if µT only works great.

PG2 on my machine now 2M/11M after rebooting, dunno why 2M/72M before reboot.


enable/disable ipfilter.dat in µT several times will cause µT "VM_Size" keep growing, 1st time on: 11M --> off: 11M --> on: 18M --> off: 18M --> on: 25M --> off: 25M --> ... seems VM not released?

"Mem Usage" can't sure, didn't notice large difference.

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I use a blocklist in µTorrent that's over 6 MB in size.

But on loading µTorrent, only ~103k of the entries register as being loaded...despite the file containing ~300k total entries.

Are the others really block?

What gives?

I did a blocklist merge to eliminate overlaps and duplicates.

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tried another blocklist from www.openmedia.info contains 150,962 entries and use PG2's listdrop(blocklist merger/optimizer) to "AggressiveOptimize" into 122,239, µT loads without any problem.


check my blocks log in several hours on PG2, all outgoings are UDP. waiting: fixed on next beta.

and the VM_Size problem, both µT and PG2 have this problem. µT happends on enable/disable ipfilter.dat when i need to temporary allow/block some ip ranges. PG2 happens on OpenList in ListManager to do the similar job. my current MemUsage/VM_Size for µT=16,076K/49,076K, PG2=8,652K/51,580K :(

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I use both PG2 and ipfilter.dat and works like a charm. The problem with ipfilter.dat in uTorrent is that it isn't auto-updating and that it doesn't seem to block DHT-traffic. PG2 takes care of that and it is fully auto-updating and configurable.

@idle.newbie: uTorrent blocks outgoing connections. I entered my own IP on ipfilter.dat to keep me from trying to connect to myself :-)

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