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Internet Cables.. different from country to country?


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My comp is getting tremendously

slow DL speed,,

and gernerally the internet is slower..

than the laptops which are connect by WLAN,,

My desktop(which is the DL comp) is connected by cable,,

i was wandering..

if internet cabes are different from country to country,

i live in Thailand,,

and the internet cabel im using,,

is one of which i used to use in Canada.

the router is one which i bought here,,,

If there is a difference ,,

could this be a problem

for the slow internet and DL Speeds..?

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Are you sure you're not on ADSL (phone jack) instead of (coaxial) Cable?

ADSL has a lower upload speed than Cable can have.

...But most ISPs don't offer speeds near that. :P

1st and 2nd links in my signature should let you get closer to whatever your ISP is actually allowing.

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