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Get fast downloads......Fix the port


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i've been screwing with this all night

reading all the posts and info, i could find

i been downloading a torrent with 4 or so of 150 + seeds and getting

10 to 30 kb's down and 60 + up

fix the port forwarding and now i'm getting 160 - 170

I know i set this all up before, but i guess something glitched and it reset

( I can't believe a microsoft product with a glitch.....lmao)

so if your using a router


hope this saves somebody hours

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Hey Switeck

What's your point?

I spent hours, read all your guides, followed all the links

did everything and at the end it was the port forwarding

so don't be putting the cart before the horse,

if you can't get to the torrent you can't download it.

no matter how much you tweak uTorrent

oh ya until yesterday I've never had the encryption turned on, Dl'd hundreds of Torrents and have never had a problem with Bell Canada (Sympatico),

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You failed to mention you were having trouble downloading the .torrent file/s to begin with. If you've got internet access as far as web browsing is concerned, your router should not be blocking .torrent file downloads. Just turning it off and back on should solve that much...even if port forwarding isn't working.

uTorrent defaults to enabled outgoing encryption and incoming encryption CANNOT be disabled if the other side requests it. Been that way since encryption was first added.

But Bell Canada (Sympatico) is a Piece of Shit ISP that's started crippling BitTorrent among its customers. Maybe they haven't gotten to you yet?

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I never said you weren't.

I only stated that it would probably be WORSE if uTorrent didn't have encryption.

Your reply seems to suggest that's not the case...but it's a worthy mention by me anyway due to the international news on that subject.

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No matter what the solution, it's almost always the last thing tried that works. :lol:

Many of the port forwarding problems I've seen, people manage to get their router forwarded ok thanks to http://www.portforward.com

...It's the 'hidden' router-firewall in many ADSL and a few cable modems that are major gotchas!

...and 'lite' software firewalls hidden in anti-spyware and anti-virus software, that protect you from "internet worms" and junk.

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