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Pieces not downloading even though Utorrent says they are


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My apologies if this has been asked before. I wasn't sure what terms to search on, and I couldn't find anyone addressing this issue when browsing through the forum.

My problem is this: I've got two files downloading right now. Both have plenty of seeders; Utorrent lists the availability for one as 28.9 and 18.9 for the other. They are both downloading but I have stopped accumulating more pieces.

One of the files has stopped at 99.9% despite having plenty of seeders. Under the "General" tab for the torrent it says the total size of the file is 700 MB (700 MB done). But for pieces it says that there are 701 x 1.00 MB and that I only have 683.

The same thing has happened with the other file. This one is still downloading, and the percentage on the blue bar is increasing but the amount of pieces is staying the same.

I tried removing both of the files and re-downloading the torrent and then restarting utorrent and the same thing happens. Utorrent checks the files and then begins downloading again, with the percentage increasing but the number of pieces staying the same.

Any thoughts?

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