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New to Bittorrent, problems with seeding.


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I recently installed and configured Utorrent, but am having trouble seeding my already downloaded files.

Here is a screenshot showing what I see.


I believe that they should be seeding... which it says they are? I'm not to savvy on the whole subject as it is. I'm mainly confused as to why I'm uploading nothing at all, but supposedly seeding correctly?

I apologize for my apparent retardation. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to configure everything correctly.


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I'm with Comcast. I downloaded that OpenOffice torrent, which was seeding fairly well while downloading. However, once it finished downloading, the seeding speed stopped dead..and now looks like all my other torrents.

And yes, I have tried to set up everything I know of according to the guide, as well as the information available on portforwarding.

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Well, saying Comcast was good enough. What you're experiencing is Comcast created interference. Right now they are breaking the connections to your computer, you can only seed as long as you download. I've heard some have had luck with skipping one file and then waiting. Anyway, Switeck should post more information on things you can try, he's also a member of Comcrap.

The FCC are also looking into the matter, and I think there's a lawsuit as well.

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This is part of what you need to know about 'defeating' ComCast:


Were there a Level 6 on that chart, that's what you'd need. :(

Disabling DHT, LPD, UPnP, Resolve IPs gives ComCast's Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) methods less to see.

The really strange thing is it seems like allowing some unencrypted BitTorrent connections sometimes seems to help. It's random. :P

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O wow. Haha..this is far more intense than I realized. I'm starting to understand...but would still love some explanation. Especially concerning what I should attempt to do to escape this comcast blockage.

Would Azureus be a better client to use?

I followed this advice...to circumvent sandvine..to no avail. This is becoming more frustrating and baffling by the hour.


Haha. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A little more about my ComCast problems:


Azureus has some minor features that uTorrent does not have:

1.Enable Do not announce the listening port to the tracker

2.set the Minimum time between tracker announces to 900 for example

...BUT, both of those are of limited value in "hiding" from Sandvine.

With no listening port advertised to the tracker, and presumably firewalled...there at least isn't much incoming traffic for Sandvine to key into.

I don't know the units used for minimum tracker announce times. 900 seconds? That's only 15 minutes. Typical tracker announce times are 30, 60, 120 minutes! 900 minutes? That's 15 hours. Might as well be infinity at that point if you're restarting your computer more often than that...unless Azureus remembers across restarts its last tracker announce times.

There are ways to simulate some of this in uTorrent:

1.Block tracker communication -- using something like Peer Guardian (as uTorrent's ipfilter.dat blocking the tracker's ip addresses DOES NOT WORK), or remove the trackers from the torrent list manually.

2.Firewall uTorrent. Don't forward the incoming port on your router...it's a no-brainer to do that one. :lol:

3.Another way to increase tracker announce times...while half open connection limit in uTorrent is set to 0, NO trackers are contacted. (I'll be pissed if this gets changed.:P ) Unfortunately, it also means you're not making any new outgoing connections. :(

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