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Odd Problem


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Hi guys,

Ive got this anoying problem that only appeared this morning and im not sure how to solve it.

When ever i open a torrent i get a max speed of 10k (even on the open office torrent)

My settings are:

utorrent v1.3.1b (build 389)

Network ops:

Max up 5K

Max Down 0 (unlimited)

Torrent ops:

Global Max conns: 200

Max cons per torrnet: 200

Number of up slot per torrent: 10

Queue Settings:

Max active: 1

Max active downloads: 1

I used to get my max speed on the open officce torrent and others on build 376 before i stated using the latest beta (build389)

Is there a setting i have over looked somewhere thats limiting my down speed?

For now i have reverted back to utorrent v1.3.1b (Build 376) as this gives me my max speeds back

Many thanks


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he's testing in an extreme situation, for testing/debuging purpose, or to figure out the speed difference between different builds.

there's no leechers in this ideal world, only ppls help to extend the lifetime of a torrent.

is it possible too many connections consume too many bandwidth? on a 5K limit i'll guess it's a 64kbps link.

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Cool thanks for the info guys, at least this time it was more constructive help.

For the record though i usually restrict up when im hammering the down :)

my max down is about 110K and my max up is 30K

So if i wanna get my max speed what have i got to set my up to? and how many slots?,

btw i never had this problem with ABC or Azureus :(

thanks again

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