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Speed capped at 50kBps In Vista!! Help.


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Hey my connection is a 512K down and 128K up.

Problem is My Torrent downloads, even at night seem to never go over 50KBps.

Sometimes a single torrent will reach 50 or slightly more and if I open up a second download the first ones speed will go down and second's speed will rise till the Total is 50KBps. Its like its capped at that speed.

Even the reference torrents u guys suggest don't go much over 50!!

Is this normal, caused by my slow connection? but I've seen XP based systems with same connection download torrent at much faster speeds.

I have Vista 32 Ultimate. All setting on Utorrent 1.77 are set to default except net max half open which is set to 50. And No! moving that setting up or down doesn't help at all.

Speed guide Connection Type is set to xx/96k

I cannot set a net bind ip cos my IP is dynamic.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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Try the 128 kilobits/second upload speed settings in the 2nd link in my signature.

If it's a "little much", try reducing the upload speed by 1 or 2 KiloBYTES/second...to as low as 7 KiloBYTES/second.

Half-open should be set no higher than 8.

For your slower line, it would probably be just as well off at 4.

You aren't firewalled in uTorrent, right?

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