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Strange erratic download problem


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First time on the forum and still new to utorrent.. Now my query is that I get good download speed but after a few minutes it drops to around 4 or 5 then shoots back up to 16 to 20 or more. This occurs whether there are 2 0r 50 seeds/peers. I have gone thru portforwarding and speed tests and followed ( hopefully) the correct setup. ISP is iinet which ,I dont think throttles. Have tried several diff ports to forward with the same result. UPnp disabled.Encryption enabled.Up speed set at 5( 80%) down set at 30. Router is a netcom NB5Plus4w. Port is open and working. Wireless connection @ 45mbps

Anything I am missing?

Help or suggestions please.


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Had connections set at 55 but have changed to 40 and already had DHT disabled...

just a thought, I have been watching the peer's column and saw that they bounce up and down some with their download / upload speeds so maybe thay are what are causing the erratic movements due to their connections??

Still tho my erratic speed has not changed with the changes you have advised..what about a lower port number say 1720??

Thanks once again..

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