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Download speed problems (still exist)


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Thanks to Ludde for wonderful client. I wish uTorrent the best, but it seems this client still has a major problem with download speed. I'm sure that it isn't configuration problem. Some very well seeded torrents are constantly better handled by BitComet. With BitComet there's a stable high download speed, with uTorrent "zig-zag" speed graph with significantly lower average.

One thing for sure - uTorrent connects to small number of peers (compared to BitComet), no matter how high is the value "max number of connected peers per torrent".

I don't know technical details of bittorrent protocol, especially how client choose which peer to connect to and for how long (can client choose the fastest peers?). Maybe slightly different implementation of protocol matters too.

Another thing is that upload speed affects download speed in very strange way. It's unbelievable that I must sometimes (when I download several well seeded torrents) limit upload speed to half of my maximum upload speed (16KB/s -> 8KB/s). Could it be explained by TCP overhead only? I hardly think so. I've disabled DHT.

These threads describe similar problems, so I'm not the only one:




I'm using latest beta.

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I just learned today how important opening a port in my router/firewall is for the speed. I was DLing at speed ~10kB/s before that, and after it the average speed has risen to ~100kB/s, the top speed hitting even over 200kB/s now. It´s really worth checking.

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I'm using the latest beta version, I have disabled DHT and don't have firewall. I don't have download and upload limits, all is set to 0. The port for incoming connections is 32459, max number of connections 200, max number of connected peers per torrent: 50, number of upload slots 4. Max number of active torrents is 15 and active download is 2. I think these are the most interesting settings and I don't think is is from the settings.

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Info about my connection and settings:

ADSL 512/128 (ul 64KB/s dl 16KB/s)

no router

my bittorrent port (55550) enabled in standard win xp firewall


global max ul rate: 10 (sometimes 8, as I've written)

global max dl rate: unlimited, sometimes limited to 50, but that doesn't help

global max num of connections: 500 (never reached)

max num of connected peers per torrent: 200 (never reached, it doesn't matter if I change it, because this setting never takes effect)

num of ul slots per torrent: 10

DHT disabled


global max dl rate: unlimited

global max ul rate: 10

DHT enabled

max connections per task: 50

connections to keep per task: 30

global upload slots settings: Auto

Example numbers of connected peers per torrent in uT and BC (seeds/peers): uT - 6/20, BC - 36/50 (edit - the same torrent of course).

I don't have download and upload limits, all is set to 0.

You can try to set upload limit at 2/3 of your connection max upload speed. It will help with all torrents, but some of them will still not be able to achieve BC speeds.

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I guess that both of you has ADSL 512/128 (dl 64KB/s ul 16KB/s) right?

So here is some suggestion

global max ul rate: 12 (12,8 to be exact)

global max dl rate: 0 (unlimited)

global max number of connections: 200

max number of connected peers per torrent: 50

number of ul slots per torrent: 4

max number of active torrents: 8

max number of active downloads: 4

DHT disabled

net.low_cpu *false

net.max_halfopen 8

ipfilter.enable *false

peer.lazy_bitfield false (if you still experince speed problems, try to set this to true)

diskio.write_queue_size 5000 (with the latest beta, -1 should be ok, but to set it to 5000)

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actually may Windows Installation is modified so atumatically internet connections limit is removed, but there are some patches on Internet, BTw with the new settings I don't feel any changes.

I checked with TCP view and I saw that there is no connection limit cos I have 17 connections active.

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Of course you're going to get better speeds with BitVomit, for one thing it prioritizes other BitVomit peers, secondly it tries to connect/disconnect a million times in order to get an Optimistic Unchoke from you...all these things have been mentioned before! However, if µTorrent isn't working for you, feel free to use BitVomit... :/

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