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Checking torrent is only in Active state if on top of the queue


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I just noticed some weirdness, which I see as a bug, even though it's a very minor issue. I'm using the current Beta release 1.8 build 11564. My queue settings are currently set like this:

- maximum number of active torrents: 4

- maximum number of active downloads: 2

I'm checking a torrent that is 30GB in size, this one is ranked number 1. And I have one other torrent that is actively downloading, and two are actively seeding. Two torrents have the queued state.

Now when I move the torrent that is being checked down the list, let's say to number 4, the queued torrent that used to be number 3 but is now number 2 will start downloading. The torrent that is being checked however will not go to queueing state but it will continue to being checked.

So if a torrent is in checking state, it will only be considered as an active torrent if it is on top of the queue. Personally I think that a checking torrent should never be considered as an active torrent, so in this example I should have two downloading torrents, two seeding, and one checking no matter in which order in line they are. But I could understand that for slower systems checking torrents should always get an active state to minimize memory and/or CPU usage.

I'm terribly sorry that I can't think of a more major bug, but your software is just too darn good! :P

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