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I need some help please....


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Ok, I have read and read numerous posts here and around the web on how to set Utorrent up. For the life of me, I can't seem to get it correct, so I have come here to try and get some help with the settings that I have now. I have to be missing something. I cannot seem to get any speed out of this thing at all. So here is what I have...

I am generating a 28.3kB/s DL speed and 55.2kB/s UL speed.

According to my ISP (Charter)......I am using their max connection of 16Mbps.

Speed Report says this....DL speed....4391 Kb/s UL speed.....203 Kb/s....

Now..for my UT settings...


Port - 52885

UL Limit - 5600

Connection: (This is what is Checked in this section)

Enable NAT-PMP

Add Firewall exception


Max UL rate (kB/s) - 11200

Max DL rate - 0

Global Max Connections - 500

Max # Connections Peers Per Torrent - 125

Max UL Slots per Torrent - 50

Use additional slot <90% - Checked

Bittorent: (This is what is Checked in this section)

Enable Local Peer Directory

Ask Tracker for scrape

Enable Peer Exchange


Max # Active Torrents - 26

Max # Active DL's - 25

Ratio is 150%

So, Please if someone could guide me in the right direction and let me know what I am doing wrong so that I can increase my speeds, I would be GREATLY appreciative.


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Hey Torrero, thanks for the reply....here's what it said....


Download Upload Latency

306 kb/s 34 kb/s 680 ms

Server Distance

Calgary ~ 1800 mi

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