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uTorrrent eating my system


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I started using the uTorrent 1.8 beta version succesfully and was quite happy but before long I started losing control of some of my icons, especially the quicklaunch tray icons. It has started affecting my programs menu as well now and I cannot access my Microsoft Office programs through any links.

I have tried following the uninstall instructions on the forums and have even done a number of complete system searches for any traces of the program but every time I click one of the affected links it just brings uTorrent up again and it often crashes and gives a crash dump message.

What is more annoying and upsetting than this is that it appears to have wormed its way into the windows startup and I get asked for an install location EVERY time I start my computer up. I have purchased a couple of cleaning and fixing programs purely because of uTorrent doing this to my system, to no effect, and am getting to the point where I am becoming very angry with this program. As the writers and developers of this program I would hope that you can provide me with the means to completely eradicate what has become an experience-destroying problem caused by your software.

I have a large number of different programs on my system which are all used in my capacity in promotional work for my band and because I am also the web designer and on-line contact for a charity in Nottingham. If I am forced (as I believe I will be) to format my C drive to get rid of this problem once and for all then I could possibly be facing days of reinstalling the programs I need, not to mention the windows service packs, updates, etc. I do not install every program to the C drive but they are all linked into the registry so each one would have to be re installed.

Can you please reassure me that I will not have to do this and that the problem can be sorted out before the charity loses out? Very soon we are going to be putting out an appeal for bone marrow donors for a 9 year old who has not got a match in his close family or the register so the internet is going to be a very important link. If you think I am trying to tug heartstrings to get this fixed then you are correct but I have to face it and potentially be the one to say we are losing up to a week because I have had to wipe my system. If you don't believe my charity claim then search for the Julie Cotton Foundation and see what we did on Easter Sunday this year in the memory of an 8 year old boy who died of Leukaemia on New Year's Day.

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