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In a torrent with multiple files, I select to download only one file. The one file is 170Mb while the full "torrent" is 5.1Gb.

The uTorrent displays "Size" as 5.1Gb and I think the "Done" percentage is based on the 5.1Gb

Is all 5.1Gb being downloaded and "discarded" leaving only the 170Mb file I checked? Or hopefully, its only downloading 170Mb not the rest are not piped through.


PS: I'm now in a country where the "mainstream" internet service plans are capped with monthly download/upload limits :( That's for migrating from a newly developed country to a developed country...sheesh!

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Well, in 1.8, there was a new column added for your case to decrease the apparent discrepancy... guess what it's called :D

If you have quota constraints now you should look at turning off all unnecessary features and lowering net.max_halfopen and # of connected peers/active torrents.

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