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Red - Yellow then red again


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Hello Everyone... I have this problem with my u torrent

i have U torrent 1.7 and im running and i have two computers connected one is running on vista and the other is running on XP.. i have a 2MB download bandwith, my maximum speed could reach upto 250kb/s. and i am using wireless Linkysys WAG200G.

I have this problem, i start my u torrent and it shows the yellow triangle with no incoming connections.. and then after 5 minutes. the triangle turns to red.. and it tells me no incoming connections.. i single forwarded the ports from the wireless adapter and then i range forward ports. i tried each and every trick with the wireless adapter and nothing changed...

please help me out.. now i am downloading at maximum 15 kb/s... which is really strange that yesterday my utorrent was downlading perfectly with the green sign. and then the wireless adapter restarted by mistake.. and now im into this...


Appreciate ur answers everybody..

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