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port forwarding help - Bought the PFconfig - Waste of money??


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I am at witts end!!!!!!!!

this was also submitted to PFconfig for help

ISP - Bellsouth.net - now ATT.

Running PFConfig using the port number 59914, I get this error message: number you entered Invalid. I got the same error with several differnt port selections. I disabled all the firewalls (router and windows xp) I can find, Peer Gaurdian and still get the same results. I set the computer IP to and attempted to program the router to it. It gives me a window and after logging on, lists 20 items programed. Next it give me the above error message then tells me the programing is complete.

A manual login to router does not show any forwarding on the server page.

The Utorrent network indicator is the yellow triangle before using the PFconfig it was green. I acheived this by seting the port to a built-in game port on the router and modem. (the modem is a Westell 6100) I have a static IP form the ISP Utorrent forwarding check tells me:

Checking Port 59914 on and Error Port 59914 does not appear to be open

Down load speeds are running 15-30KB on heavy seeded download. uploads reach the 30KB limit I set for them.

I dont know what else to do. PLease help

I am using a belkin router:

Version Info

Firmware Version 1.01.23

Boot Version version 2.02 - built 09:22:06, Apr 24 2006

Hardware F5D8231-4

LAN Settings LAN/WLAN MAC 00:11:50:F7:02:C5 / 00:11:50:F7:02:C5

IP address

Subnet mask

DHCP Server Enabled

Internet Settings WAN MAC address 00:11:50:F7:02:C6

Connection Type Dynamic

Subnet mask

Wan IP note: (Bellsouth lists the WAN as

Default gateway

DNS Address

Features NAT Enabled

Firewall Settings Disabled


Security Disabled

Language Current Langugae English

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Belkin routers typically need VERY conservative settings in uTorrent, or they overload, slow down, and potentially crash.

This means DHT, UPnP, LPD, and Resolve IPs probably all need to be disabled.

And Global and per-torrent connection max definitely needs to be under 100, possibly no higher than 60.

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