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Hello!! and forgive me for my lack of knowledge but i need help!


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Hi, im a newbie this,

Im worried that im not getting the best download speed i could. Im on a Sky broadband 2mb wireless router. Router is a sagem .1.5Sky. My connection speed is 54mbps (isnt that slow considering im on broadband or is that good?)

I done a online speed test and it came up 310.80kbps, on the speed guide what should i set it too? ive set it at xx/384k. Is that correct? does the k on the end of 384k mean kbps?

Sorry i dont know much at all?

Im downloading a game and it averages around 40 - 40 kb/s

Isnt that slow considering im on broadband or not? Ive used the online guide but id rather be able to chat to someone as im not clued up when it comes to this internet and computer stuff.

Thank you very much!!!!!

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Your wireless NETWORK is running at 54 megabits/second. That's pretty fast.

Downloading in uTorrent at 40 KiloBYTES/second is far faster than dial-up's top speed of around 6 KiloBYTES/second.

Your supposed 2 megabits/second download max internet speed SHOULD allow up to ~200 KiloBYTES/second download speeds from very fast internet sources. Most people sharing on BitTorrent are only uploading at <40 KiloBYTES/second total...and splitting their upload at least 4 ways.

You need to do UPLOAD speed tests...or if that 310 kilobits/second *IS* your upload speed max then you probably need to use the 320 kilobits/second upload settings in the 2nd link in my signature.

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