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Private torrents not seeding


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I have major issues with seeding private torrents.

I started using uTorrent 1.7.7 2 weeks ago. I had no trouble setting up my network to be able to download/upload, but after a week of trying to upload files I found that only public torrents seed normally. My private torrents are never uploading and are always passive!? Their state is always "seeding". The private torrents did in fact seed some, when they were still downloading but stopped at 100%.

I tried serveral things to try and fix this.

- Used the uTorrents speed guide. The speed guide states that 2) my forward port is in fact open.

- Enable encryption

- my ISP isnt on the bad ISP list

- peer.lazybitfield = true

- Moving from uPnP to a static IP+manually forwarding.

- Closing my windows firewall (uTorrent has been added!).

- I am using a mcAfee virusscanner. Tried closing the virusscanner and excluded uTorrent from its rules.

- Rebooting router (speedtouch 510)

- Rebooting PC

- Installing uTorrent on my 2nd PC and tried finish the seeds there (same problem there)

- Force Start the torrent (doesn't help)

- Browsing uTorrent forums/guides and google for over a week

I am out of options. What could be blocking my private torrent seeds from seeding?

Thanks in advance.


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Are there peers trying to download your torrent/s according to tracker info?

Do peers briefly connect to you then disconnect? (see uTorrent's Logger to check)

Is there a HUGE difference between the number of seeds already on those torrents and peers?

Is there a LONG delay between tracker announcements?

Are the torrents "small"?

Would you expect the torrents could be fully downloaded by a peer between 1 tracker announce and the next?

Is your ISP connecting to the internet through a larger ISP that may be crippling BitTorrent traffic in some way?

What's the MEASURED speed (from speed tests) of your connection, both down and up?

What settings are you using in uTorrent? (Even what you choose in Speed Guide will do if you didn't tweak the settings further.)

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