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how do determine connection type...


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how do you determine connection type from the speed tests?

Here is what my modem start page says:

Down: 1792kbits

Up: 448Kbits

Here is what the speed test says:

Down: 298Kb

Up: 278Kb

I used dslreports.com to test the connection. No other connection to the modem was active at the time of the test



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You want to go into Preferences (from the menu or Ctrl-P in the GUI), then should see "Connection" to enter your max upload; in "BitTorrent" you will see in the connections-per-torrent, global # of connections, and upload slots; and in "Queueing" you will see max # of active / downloading torrents.

Edited for order and clarity from Ctrl-G -> Ctrl-P

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