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Utorrent kill internet using LINKSYS WRK54G NOT WRT54G?


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I have a problem using utorrent (I think that's the problem). It kills my connection forcing me to restart or put it to sleep mode and turning it back on to gain my connection. This laptop is sharing the same network with two other laptops, two desktops. Only one of the main computers hooked up via LAN into the router Linksys WRK54G, while everything else is using the wireless. Now everytime I open up utorrent to download something 10 minutes later it kills my internet connection. Here's the thing: Every other computer is still working find except for mine which I have to restart or sleep the computer and turn it on again for it to find any available networks.

I have a Compaq Presario F572US in my possession for a year now

What I did:

Updated my network card

Tried utorrent 1,8 candidate release

lowering .net max open or whatever in the utorrent option

turned off DHT

Was using static ip which I opened ports and port forwarded everything and done everything according to the utorrent speed guide, but now using obtain ip automatically.

Read through the Topic Board "utorrent kills my internet connection" and some suggestion does not apply to me, like using a firmware for a WRT54G?

What I don't want to do:

Use the THCP.sys patcher thing because it says it slows download

Use firmware suggested because its not the same one and afraid that router will no longer work if I used it.

Hardware Specs:

Windows Vista Home Premium

1.5 gigs of RAM memory running single channel

1.8 ghtz. Processor

802.11 Broadcom Wireless Network Card

Cox Communications Cable Modem

Linksys WRK54G

Software Specs:

Comodo Firewall which allows utorrent

Kaspersky Anti Virus which allows utorrent

Spyware Doctor which allows utorrent

Can someone help me out as to why my internet disappears? I can't even reconnect and see any of the networks anymore.

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You didn't mention the speed of your internet connection, both down and up...

Nor did you mention what settings you're trying to use in uTorrent.

So I'm just going to assume that's the problem. :P

(Though some of your software is likely not to work well with uTorrent...software firewalls + uTorrent is notoriously tricky to get working correctly.)

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I'm sorry my connection speed I thought was assumed to be cable/dsl because I use Cox Cable Communications Cable Modem.

Download speed is set at max 200 kB

Upload speed is set max at 22 kB

As for settings in utorrent, I don't really know what you mean? If you mean my preferences in utorrent then it is as follows:

Connection- checked are "Enable UPnP port mapping"

"Enable NAT-PMP port mapping"

"Add utorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions"

Port is 45682 (my ports are opened, and did the speed test and port forward test)

Bittorrent- Global max number of connections 130

Max number of peers connected per torrent 70

Number of uploads slots per torrent 3

Everything is checked except "limit local peer bandwidth"

Protocol Encryption "Outgoing" is enabled

Qeueing- "Max number of active torrents upload or download" 4

"Max number of active downloads" 3

"Ratio" is 100 and seeding time is "ignored"

My softwares are also in the other computers in the home.

Comodo Firewall

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Spyware Doctor

Yet they work and mine is the only one experiences trouble. Also the others in the house also has NOD32 and all work fine except for mine.

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Ok Ok sorry man... I'm just asking for help and appreciative that someone is helping.

I went to Broadband dslreports.com

and clicked on Forthworth, TX sprint button for the download and upload test

It yielded as follows:

21300 Kb/s download

798 Kb/s upload

21 ms latency

Electricity was out yesterday and today I just tested it.

Again, I want to stress how appreciative I am so don't blow up. I need help.

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I'll do as suggested, but the thing is other computers in the house has the same softwares I have on my laptop, but the thing is they all use utorrent just fine and do not experience any problems. I will attempt to increase upload speed, then uninstall Spyware Doctor and then Kaspersky. And will post again my results or if I continue to get disconnected.

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1) Your router is not good quality

2) You have too many global max connections.

3) Plus you're using wireless connection which is susceptible to interference causing your connections to die. It is very possible your laptop is poor quality and/or chipset used for your wireless connection is poor quality. Easy way to test network connection is to used the wired connection on the laptop and bypass the wireless. You can then test to see if your wireless is causing the problem. If you still lose internet connection with a wired connection, then it is possibly your laptop or the router.

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Cox ISP may not let you upload constantly at 60 KiloBYTES/second for months straight...at least according to this:


60 KiloBYTES/second can total 15 GigaBYTES total bandwidth used in just over 3 days. :(

Using lots of connections at once just means you hit the bandwidth cap quicker but actually upload less.

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