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Make Upload > Download Speed?


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Is there a way to get the upload rate greater than the download rate?

Once a few pieces have downloaded and I have something to share, I want to limit the download speed to less than the upload speed to share what I have to more peers faster than I download. The problem is that the limit on the download seems to affect the upload too. I assume this is due to the way pieces are traded - I don't want pieces fast so I don't send them fast.

Is there a way to force transfer at full upload rate regardless of download rate - assuming plenty or peers want my pieces?

Or a way to pause download of an incomplete torrent but still upload.

This is to increase my share ratio during downloading from private ratio monitoring trackers.


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Well, you can setup the Scheduler page in Preferences for seeding-only... you can also setup Queueing page in Preferences for "seeding tasks take higher priority"... you can also set the files to "do not download" after downloading a bit of it to only upload.

You'll see these pre-formatted and logically laid-out arguments against many "true" fallacies commonly-accepted today if you browse here long enough http://azureuswiki.com/index.php/User:The8472

What he says about private trackers is relevant here. But basically you'll want to choose any of the three options I mentioned above.

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Cheers for the response.

I agree with everything in that private trackers rant - as I'm mathematically minded I've always considered ratio enforcing fundamentally flawed. I only use private sites when I can't find the stuff anywhere else.

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I want a solution for the exact opposite problem. How do I get my Download speed to be greater than the upload speed?

Before I updated to the latest uTorrent, it was fine, but now it seems that my uploads reach up to 150 kB/s whilst my downloads dont surpass 50-60 kB/s.

I have a 1.5 mBit cable connection and my settings are following;

Upload Limit: 186

Upload Slots: 8

Connections: 100

Connections Global: 300

Max active Torrents: 8

Max active Downloads: 6

I dont know what else you guys might need. I'm a total noob when it comes to technical issues with internet services so I would really appreciate if the replies where kept at a basic, basic level.

Also I apologize for the repetition of this particular topic, but I have yet to find one thread that I, either, understand or the thread-starter stuck around long enough to hear the answers. So again sorry, and thanks in forehand for all the replies.


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