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uTorrent crashed during completion


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I was downloading a torrent, and just when it completed, uTorrent crashed (see details below). So I thought I'd just restart the app, since that's the default option. It should be ok. After restarting uTorrent, the same came back at 99,1%. It's fine if I have to download 0,9% of 2,5GB again. But to my surprise, it started redownloading THE WHOLE THING? WTH?

Yeah, I guess I'll download another 2,5GB (thank god I don't live in Belgium). But what if it crashes again?!


uTorrent: 1.7.7 (8179)

OS: XP x64 SP2

Connection: 16384/1024Kbps DSL

Plenty memory, plenty freespace.

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@torrero: Luckily the torrent was so fast, 45 mins later is was redownloaded. But I can tell you I was stumped. I'll do that next time (but hopefully I don't need to)

@Switeck: uTorrent crashed; my computer is just fine...

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