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Re-hash download from different location without removing from uTorren


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As title says, is this possible? Ex. if I downloaded a file, but want to move it to a different location, re-hash it and continue uploading it from that location without removing the torrent from uTorrent is that possible? The reason I want to do this is so I can track how much I've uploaded so I can prioritize different torrents that I haven't seeded much. If that isn't possible do you think requesting a feature where "Move completed downloads to:" can be based off of Labels for torrents, or is this too much to ask? Basically I'm running Windows Home Server and have it set to mirror certain folders, obviously my download torrents folder is not being mirrored because the files are almost always being accessed so it cannot mirror it so I would like to be able to move the completed download to a different folder and continue uploading from that location, so either being able to move completed downloads to a different location based on the Label or some other flag would be nice.

In case I didn't word it very clearly here's an example.

Torrent A has a Label of 'Movies'

Torrent B has a Label of 'Music'

Anything with a Label of 'Movies' is moved to "C:\Share\Movies\" when completed.

Anything with a Label of 'Music' is moved to "C:\Share\Music\" when completed.

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