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RSS feed.. probably a dumb question..


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Ok.. I stayed away from even dabbling in RSS for a long while because it simply looked like something I could screw up if I didn't know what I was doing. Then I started using FireFox awhile back and set one up to get news from my favorite site and it works perfectly. I press the RSS icon for the site on the bookmark bar and a drop-down list shows me the latest headline.

So now I'm getting bold with µtorrent and i'm thinking "Why don't I do it with my favorite torrent site that supports RSS?" But I don't want to put the feed in FireFox.. I want it in µtorrent. Luckily the site i speak of asks me a few simple questions about what content I want filtered and since it's a private tracker.. even generates me a final URL link to a feed with my passkey inserted in it.

I open up the RSS downloader.. add the new feed.. name it and everything is fine. I see it updates every 10 minutes and a feed of newest releases shows up in the "releases" tab.. right? Probably the way it should be. So my question is simple. I don't want to do any auto-downloading.. and I don't want it to "watch" for anything. I simply want to peruse an updating list of what's new on the site, but do I HAVE to open the RSS downloader whenever I do and look at that last tab? Or is there a way to have the feed moved up front to the main interface? where it's more easily and readily visible? The whole idea for doing this is so I can download torrents leaving the client open of course, but not have to visit the web page every so often with my browser. It's not that I'm lazy.. it just seems awkward to actually have to open the RSS downloader just to see what's new.

I'm assuming there's a way to make a feed visible in the main interface and perhaps I'm missing something but I see no mention of it anywhere. Having said that.. I saw a screen cap (not big enough) of a guy having another problem and I swear I saw little orange RSS icons in a separate box right underneath torrents in the main menu. Were those his RSS downloads.. or simply headlines?

Thanks for your time & attention.

BTW.. I'm using v1.77

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