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A proposal for developers: new protocol without net.status problems


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Why there is so many problems with port forwarding? Why I still see so many complaints about Double NAT problems and so on, when the decision is obvious? So many men in developing countries have unlimited traffic connections, but (with the exception of torrents) they don't have necessity to pay for external IP. Often they can't, it is irrationally expensive.

Here I propose a simple decision.

We'll need two additional "radio buttons" in uTorrent client: "Problem with incoming connections" and "Ready to help to men with double NAT/external firewall problems". Of course, at first everyone have to try to tune their own firewall (and operation system's firewall) properly.

If user don't have NAT problems and so on, he is "good". After 5 minutes of working with green network status he gets a message from uTorrent in a new window – "Now your client will try to help to swarm with firewalled double NAT users: if you don't want to, you may uncheck this option in properties." Now client is a HELPER.

If user have problems with external unconfigurable router and so on, after tuning his firewall he should check option "Problem with incoming connections". Now he is DISTRESSED.

1) Now distressed user connect to the swarm using a tracker and then – DHT. DHT (or tracker) will show everyone, that there is a distressed user – so if he will try to download something from you, you may download something from him, OK. But if you want to establish new connection to distressed user – you should use HELPER (!).

2) From time to time distressed connects to helper and asks, if someone wants connection, needs his data. It is important, that such additional traffic should be counted as UPLOADING – to reward helper.

3) If someone (user A) wants to initiate straight connection to distressed, he sends inquiry to helper (or helpers?). Then distressed will initiate connection to user A, and all incoming connections from user A will be counted by router/firewall as acceptable, pre-requested, it will let data in.


("...being firewalled does not necessarily mean you cannot download at all, as firewalled users can still make outgoing connections, connecting to peers to transfer data in that way. While this is true, that's all you are limited to. That means that if someone else tries to initiate a connection with you, the attempt is blocked by your firewall.") (!!!)

Inquiry tables won't take much memory, if realized properly. And only one inquiry from distressed to helper, for example, in a minute.

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Well... I don't know what you're saying, but uTorrent 1.9 will be better at "punching through" NAT troubles. It will be similar functionality to other bittorrent clients out there which "do not need forwarding" (in truth they do like all applications, but the application handles it behind-the-scenes).

In truth, if you want to make real proposals you should check out http://bittorrent.org and click the "For Developers" link. There the procedure is described for you to format, and document any proposal which may be useful to uTorrent or the protocol itself.

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