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Possible bug in seeding rules


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I'm either doing something wrong or µTorrent's seeding rules don't work as they should/I'd like them to.



Default is to seed indefinitely, seeds have priority over downloads


The (possible) bug: when a torrent is set to seed/upload indefinitely, it will stop as soon as the download is complete, even when the limit for active torrents (uploading & downloading, and downloading) is not reached yet.

Let's say I have 4 downloads and 3 seeds (both are thus below set limit), all set to seed indefinitely. A download completes and instead of continue uploading, it stops, regardless of its ratio.

However, when the seeding rule for that torrent is set to stop at a ratio other than infinite (and higher than the ratio already reached) it continues to seed.

I'm using 1.3.1beta build 380, but I've had this with all previous builds I used seeding rules with.

PS I did a (quick) forum search but didn't find anything resembling this.

PPS Right before posting I noticed http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=4043 with a similar subject. I was about to respond untill I noticed the topic was locked..

I understand it's best for everyone to give all peers/connections a decent speed. That's one of the reasons I never set the global connection limit above 50, and don't download and seed too many torrents at a time with my 6mb/720kb line. But this build in rule to override the seeding rules, set by the user mind you, goes a bit too far I think. In my case it's counter productive; it's build in hit-and-run behavior, torrents are automatically stopped at ratios far below 100%.

I don't know what causes µTorrent to behave as it does in the situation I described, a bug or a deliberate overriding of user defined rules. Either way, change it please.

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You don't have to set any ratio at all, just turn off "Limit the upload rate to:", and it seeds indefinitely. The ratio just sets something to base the seeding ETA off, it does nothing unless you check "Limit the upload rate to:", which you did. And it's not what you want to use, because you want to seed forever.

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I don't want all torrents to seed indefinitely, just have it as the default and override it manually for some torrrents (have them stop at certain ratio). As I understand, to do that you need to have "Limit the upload rate to:" checked (and set to 0 kB/s (=stop)).

Anyway, you already answered my question, thanks.

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