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Possible µTorrent v1.3 ipfilter.dat bug?


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I'm using an extremely long blocklist in µTorrent, over 6 MB in length.

Problem is, even though there's ~300k entries in the blocklist, µTorrent says it's only blocking ~103k of them after loading.

I've already run the blocklist through duplicate+overlap removers. Which was a real pain...bubble-sorting 300+k entries would've taken a short eternity so I had to cut-and-paste about 10-50k entries at a time.

I'm not convinced there's no mistake somewhere in the list, but if there is a mistake µTorrent needs to inform me of a 'bad line' and continue reading the list past that point. That way the list is still partially useable while still making it easy for me to (slowly) fix my mistakes.

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I don't even want to know what all you block in 300.000 Entries :D :D

I guess you assembled that list yourself from multiple sources

The problem probably lies in the fact that the program doesn't know that there is more information behind the supposedly faulty part (Lets assume through some copy and paste you added an <EOF> somewhere in the .dat since it's usually not visible in the average editor, it's hard to spot

But you will agree that it's nearly impossible to convince a program to read behind that point

In your case I would get myself a trial copy of, say UltraEdit and scroll through the file while showing special characters

Besides it would help you sorting the whole list much faster too (I believe bubble sort was one of the first sorting algorithms and as such a very slow one... in a worst case szenario with 300.000 entries you would have to run the tree 300.001 times.I didn't know anyone would still use it ;...I'd rather use HEAP or Quick sort....and I'm sure since I'm out of that field fore quite some time, there are more sophisticated sort algorithms around )

anyways...I hope you find the error in your list...it might be as simple as an additional space


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There is zero chance of there being an <EOF> in it except at the very end.

I open it in a 'souped-up' notepad.

Sorting it is beyond a pain no matter what you use.

I've used DOS SORT command and BlueTack's Blocklist Converter.

Neither one are rockets in speed, but I've seen lots slower.

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Half the lines?

But...half the lines were just single ip addresses.

Is that somehow wrong?

Are even single ip addresses supposed to be written as xx.yy.zz.ww-xx.yy.zz.ww?

BTW, ListDrop crashes when I run it with a "missing export Kernal32.dll:GetFileSizeEx" error.

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