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Utorrent KILLS the internet!


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Hello.. I have a Netgear DG834GL connected (wirely) to a Vista pc, the motherboard is EP35-DS3R so the LAN chip is Realtek RTL8168, both Windows and hardware drivers are fully updated.. The problem is that recently (without me changing anything!) utorrent just KILLS the internet.. and I don't mean slows it down, I mean kills, as soon as it's open nothing works (sometimes even going to except utorrent, I try pinging any website from CMD it pings fine with no losses and with normal average time, so the DNS is working, but that's about it and it nothing works again EVEN when I close utorrent, only works after I restart Windows.. I tried everything, different versions of utorrent, Vista diagnoses, shutting down UPNP in the router and/or utorrent, limit download speed, limit the number of connections.. and but nothing did the trick.. then i fresh installed vista and it did the trick, now (after 2 weeks of the fresh install) it does the same thing!!! and again I tried everything a (fairly) power-user can try, and it's illogical to fresh install windows every two weeks :S

BTW: it port forwords just fine

I REALLY hope someone can figure this out for me.. thanks in advance anyway :)

Edit: I just found the solution, here it is http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/04/09/windows-vista-tcpipsys-connection-limit-patch-for-event-id-4226/

Thanks anyway for anyone who was going to help me :)

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