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Question - IP address issue


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I'm not new to bittorrent , but I did switch over to Utorrent and I like it!

Anyway, here is the problem - I have my internet connection going from the wall to the modem into the router and then the computer is plugged into the router. Now I'm not sure if this is an OS issue or not, but under XP SP2, if I did say a NAT test to check the port was open, the address shown,(if your checking from the speed tests option but check port) was the address of my router, linksys so it's like

Now I've moved over to Windows Vista Ultimate 64, same hardware configuration as above, however when I do the NAT test it is showing the actual IP address, not the router. So while I know how to pop open a port via the router, I have no clue what to do here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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There is a screen in the router configuration to allows for ports to be enabled. However the IP address that "prefixes" the port is the router address. There is now way to change it in that screen.

The only place, and I'm not sure is a page called "Advance Routing"

This is part of the description of that option:

o set up a static route between the Router and another network, select a number from the Static Routing drop-down list. (A static route is a pre-determined pathway that network information must travel to reach a specific host or network.)

Judging from this I don't think that the option either.

I'll keep looking for it though and take any suggestions as well.

Well not any ;)


Edit: Ok so now I know Advance Routing is not the option. However it's weird on the Utorrent port test it is showing an IP address that doesn't even show up ipconfig/all.

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