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After all is said and done


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ok @ mods before you go locking this topic please read it some

Ok when BitTorrent Aquired Utorrent ever one was in a Uprour over this or that

I have been useing Utorrent since 1.5 and have been useing the 1.8 beta since the first version

and as of build 11564 1.8 I don't see any reasion to fear the change (yet)

there are a few things

1. utorrent has put on some weight from 246kb binary Size to 260k not much of a increase when compaired to all the cool stuff thats been fixed/add'd

and still Uber small

2. memory useage is just a TaD higher but not enough to spit at ( again well worth the 1mb more usege for all the stuff we get)

3. Stablity NO ISSUES I Can Run For days as i Could with 1.7

all in all I need to ask all of you WHAT THE f*** where you all B1tc*ing about looks like all the uproar with all for nothing (but we will see what 1.8.xx brings)

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Everyone that was really worried tended to assume the worst.

If uTorrent has any phone-home features, they have to be pretty small and innocuous...as some testers have been doing wireshark logs for stuff like ISP throttling and would probably notice packets to uTorrent.com

I personally disable gui.bypass_search_redirect in advanced settings...not so much because it's phone-home as it's just more bandwidth wasted for something I don't want. :P

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Okey. Well I didn't notice the increased memory footprint. I do know it uses 100-200 KiB more RAM per torrent loaded, but that allows more data storage and it doesn't leak like a sieve anymore, so that's the BIG PLUS compared to even 1.7. Additional perks include magnet: support ability to bypass windows memory management, and fixes for those newer OSes (server 2008.. and I bet sometime soon, windows 7). The full changelog can be found @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31998

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