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Slow downloads and internet browsing interrupted


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Hello all,

I am having problems downloading, it is very slow and when utorrent is open most of the times I get page cannot be displayed in IE, when I close utorrent I can browse without any problem. When utorrent is open max download is 20 kB/s while upload can reach sometimes 45 kB/s.

I used to be able to download a 300MB file in about 30 min on this computer same hardware, same internet speed and ISP provider. I reinstalled windows xp with same drivers used in previous configuration. My speed from my provider is 2Mb download and 768kb upload.

I have tried all steps on Ultima's Troubleshooting guide (DHT, LPD, UPnP, and Resolve IPs disabling TCPIP patching etc), and I have also played with all the recommended settings. I did install the AMD driver since I have an Athlon processor, and still getting same results. I have tried downloading openoffice and download goes slow as well.

Current Settings:

My Network status is Green

Ports are reported as open

Connection type: xx/768k

Upload limit 72 kB/s Upload slots 5

Connections 100 Connections global 450

Max active torrents 5 Max active downloads 4

Encryption enabled (I have tried with encryption disabled no difference)

net.max_halfopen set to 2

Windows XP SP354

Windows Firewall and Avast antivirus

Motorola surfboard 4200 (IP from modem other than private 192.168.100.x)

ISP Megacable S.A de C.V ISP from Mexico

Connection type Cable

Download 1920 kbps and upload 735 kbps in speedtest

Any help, tips or tricks would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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If you told uTorrent to upload at 72 KiloBYTES/second and it's only reaching "sometimes" 45 KiloBYTES/second...that's a problem right there. You're not getting 768 kilobits/second upload speed as far as uTorrent is concerned...maybe only half that.

(384 kilobits/second = 48 KiloBYTES/second theoretical max.)

So you probably need lower settings in uTorrent.

My guess, the 384 kilobits/second settings in the 2nd link in my signature should at least reduce browsing problems.

Also try outgoing encryption set to FORCED and test incoming legacy both disabled and allowed.

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Is it possible your ISP started shaping your downloads? The 45 KiB is not very good sustained upload for xx/768. Do you get many peaks and valleys in the upload when you go to Speed tab and scale back from 1 sec, to 5 or 30 seconds?

Also, have you tried lowering your xx/768 to xx/256 or below? I see you changed the halfopen, but if likely it's possible the large number of connected peers may be to blame as well. You can go as low as global connections 50 to see if it's an automated, or enforced limit you're on currently.

Btw, what's XP SP354?

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